NEW PIC: Robert Pattinson and Dane Dehaan featured in LIFE still for Berlinale promo + article




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‘Life’ World Premiere At The Berlin Film Festival Will Take Place On February 9th

HQ New Life Still

The date was  announced today for the World Premiere of Life at the Berlin Film Festival. It will take place on Monday February 9th at 9:30PM CET  and the Official Berlinale Twitter confirmed that Robert Pattinson will be at the festival (we’ll update when more attendees are announced and there’s anymore info on specific events).

You can check out the Life page on the Belinale Website HERE for the full list of screening times and we’ll update with anymore info as it comes out!


PHOTOS: NEW Stills From ‘Life’ Featuring Robert Pattinson & Dane DeHaan

UPDATE: Added first still in HQ
After the news earlier that Life will have it’s World Premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, we’ve also been treated to these great New Stills from the movie featuring Robert Pattinson & Dane DeHaan.

HQ New Life Still

Life Still 2


‘Life’ Will Have It’s World Premiere At The 65th Berlin International Film Festival

It was announced today in a Press Release from that the World Premiere of Life will be held at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival which runs from 5-15 Feb.



Berlinale Special is part of the official programme and presents recent works by contemporary filmmakers, biopics of renowned personalities as well as extraordinary formats.

With many prominent guests expected to attend, gala screenings will be held at the Friedrichstadt-Palast, the Zoo Palast and the Kino International.

Berlinale SpecialGala at the Zoo Palast

United Kingdom / Canada
By Anton Corbijn (A Most Wanted Man)
With Robert Pattinson, Dane DeHaan, Joel Edgerton, Ben Kingsley
World premiere

‘Life’ Is A Most Anticipated Movie Of 2015 By The Film Stage

Life has made it onto yet another Most Anticipated List. This time it’s  The Film Stage’s ‘100 Most Anticipated Movie Of 2015′.


After premiering his latest drama, A Most Wanted Man, at Sundance last year, we thought director Anton Corbijn might return to Park City, but barring any last-minute announcements that looks to not be the case. Hopefully coming later this year, as scripted by Luke Davies, Life centers on the relationship between James Dean (Dane DeHaan) and Life Magazine‘s Dennis Stock (Robert Pattinson), the latter of whom had been tasked with capturing the up-and-coming actor less than a year before his rise to stardom and tragic death. – Jordan R

BUZZ: LIFE is a most anticipated film and could be heading to Cannes in 2015

Coming in at number 19 out of 100, Life is on The Playlist’s Most Anticipated Films of 2015 list. Dazed thinks the film has awards potential for next year and The Playlist thinks Cannes could be on the horizon. This all sounds good as we move into 2015 and the film starts this exciting stage!


From The Playlist:

19. “Life”
Director: Anton Corbijn (“A Most Wanted Man,” “The American”)
Cast: Robert Pattinson, Dane DeHaan, Joel Edgerton, Ben Kingsley
Synopsis: Photographer Dennis Stock accepts a new assignment for Life Magazine to take pictures of rising star James Dean. The two became close friends as a result.
What You Need To Know: Everything about this picture sounds promising except its shoddy title (we’re half-hoping it gets nixed last minute for something, anything, else). We’ve been fans of Corbijn’s work ever since his 2007 debut “Control,” in which he already proved his mettle with the tricky biopic genre. Now, after his continuously excellent, if slightly more subdued, work in “The American” and last year’s “A Most Wanted Man,” Corbijn is set to tackle the biopic again. What gives us even more hope this time around is that this is a world Corbijn knows all too well, since he started off his own career as a music photographer. And he’s got a great cast to boot, with Pattinson already successfully shedding his post-“Twilight” glitter for “The Rover” and “Maps to the Stars.” We’d also be lying if we said we weren’t curious to see how DeHaan is going to pull off Dean.
Release Date: September 25th in the UK, but we’re not sure on an official date Stateside. Expect a Cannes premiere.

VIDEO: “‘Life’ Is Beautiful” ~ Joel Edgerton

In a recent interview with Collider while doing promo for Exodus: Gods and Kings, Joel Edgerton is asked about future projects and talks about how he has seen sections of Life and how beautiful it is.

He also praises Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan saying that they are both fantastic in it.
The mention is around the 4:15 mark.

‘Life’ Makes Little White Lies List Of ’50 Movies You Need To See In 2015′


Well it will come as no surprise that Life is at the top of our list of movies we want to see in 2015 but it’s great to see it popping up on media lists too.
It made the Little White Lies “Top 50 Movies You Need To See In 2015″ and here’s what they had to say about it.

From Little White Lies:

We still shiver when recollecting the luscious monochrome of Corbijn’s Ian Curtis pic, Control. Interim efforts may not have packed so intense a punch but the legacy of his debut lives on. The Dutch photographer created the effect of characters moving through a world so textured that it seemed to have its own pulse. For Life — the story of a photographer and his relationship with James Dean, Dane DeHaan plays the original rebel without a cause opposite reformed heartthrob, Robert Pattinson. Let’s see what he makes of them. SMK

Did you know Anton Corbijn bought his first camera when he was 18.

f you want to see the other movies that made their list check them out HERE